Here is a brief description of the world as we know it. Anything listed here is common knowledge and requires no HISTORY or STREETWISE checks.

Central continent and largest land mass in Terra. The land is dotted with many small forests, rivers, and mountain ranges, the largest natural feature being Lake Greylin. The most prominent feature on the continent however is Pirram, or Gaia Tree, a 400 foot tall Banyan tree which serves as the base of the Jurai Empire and source of spiritual power. The Imperial castle is built directly out of the tree, and the structure seems so lifelike and natural it is believed to have grown from the tree itself.
Ruled by the royal family of Jurai for almost 500 years, the family line can be traced back almost as far as the land itself. The current Imperial family is known for their fair mindedness, strong political will, and support of the people. Particularly that of the Imperial advisor Yosho, who may be the most well known and respected human in the world.
Split into 7 prefectures, each ruled by a Lord and marshaled by a Kensai.
Has not had a standing army since the close of the Shadar-Kai Rebellion of 352. Instead, in times of war, (There have been no major conflicts since.) the Lords conscript troops from the commoners, who are trained in basic fighting techniques once they reach the age of maturity. Since there is almost never open conflict, and the people are treated so well by their Emperor, Lords, and Kensai, they almost never oppose to the service, and are glad to fight for their country.
Jurai is known as the trade capitol of the world, as most countries find it easier to use its cross country trade routes than brave the shipping lanes and the open seas. As such Jurai is a melting pot of peoples and cultures, although it is primarily inhabited by humans.

Western continent and island chains, each of them containing many natural wonders and each being distinct from the others. Made up of 17 City-states, each controlled by an elected governor.
Common Law is decided at a council by each elected governor and a representative from the 6 trade groups. Tradition, custom and ceremony are decided individually by the states.
Each the states and a short description of its populace follow.

Albridge: Built atop short cliffs connected by a series of bridges. Human, Half Elves, Halflings.

Beldale: Gorgeous beachfront area, very popular for tourism and its Curiosities Festival. Mixed races.

Courrin: City of Towers. Early architects known for attempting new heights for each structure. Human, gnome.

Greenfield: Vast tall-grass fields known for big game hunting. Human, Elf, Half Elf, Halfling.
Edgecoast: Shipping center of the states claiming to be able to supply anything. Mixed races.

Westmill Marsh: Farming center to the states, 200 year old watermill. Human.
Lochland Fort: Built by dwarves for defense in Shadar-Kai uprising. Dwarves, Humans, Halflings.

Osbourne: Production capitol of the states. Place to go for master crafted gear. Mixed races.

Reddencoast: Former pirate outpost, still best place for boats and sailors. Mixed races.

Shadowfox Ridge: Sits at base of ridge, and is constantly flooding, but strong magical affinity. Mixed races.

Whiteshade: Northern remote state, cold climate, and dangerous snowfalls. Human, Dwarves, Dragonborn.
Cypress Falls: Largest waterfall in the world, said to be home of mystical creatures. Humans, Elves, Eladrin.

Free City of Parthas: Roman style structures. Home of Libram Partha, the great library. Mixed races.

Mythranae: Allegedly a Duegar city risen from the Underdark. Nicknamed House of Secrets. Mixed races. Tieflings.

Austrand: Numerous ranches known for its animal services, supplying most of the states. Mixed races.

Thalacia: City of Hosts. Church center of the states and start of the Great Pilgrimage. Mixed races.

Woodwind Bluff: Soul of Terra. Wind-hollowed trees at the coast make eerie music. Fey Races.

The 6 Trade Unions are: Smiths, Tavern Keepers, Builders, Traders, Couriers, and Sages. They each wield the same political power as any Governor.

Northernmost continent and one of least explored. Though rumor is that aside from the Glimmerplain there isn’t much to find.
Gnomish center of society in the forest hills at the center of the continent. Ruled by the benevolent Star Sapphire (King) Rialto Bixby, the laws are very simple as the gnomes seem to be able to govern themselves effectively.
The land is mostly light forest and plains and snowy tundra in the far north. The largest city is Linddonen, based at the southern foothills of the Glimmerplain.
The Glimmerplain, located northeast of Linddonen is rumored to have been blessed by Garl Glittergold. Tales tell of him raining gems down upon the good gnomes of the land and then shaking Warryn itself, causing loose earth to cover them for intrepid gnomes to find its riches. Gnomes are free to pass through and keep what they find, but the other races must pay for travel through this sacred place, though they may keep what they find. It is the highest guarded place in all of Warryn, said to be a training ground for the Gnome faithful.

The eastern continent as well as the largest Dwarven city and capitol. The 2 tiered city is built against the Balfonheim Mountains, the upper half housing the home of King Haerogar and the ruling class, as well as his person guard. The bottom half houses the merchant district, the largest and most diverse in the eastern half of Terra. The commoners make their homes below the surface under the protection of the city and the mountains.
Kingship is not inherited in these lands as in others, but is earned by the merits of the greatest Dwarven warlords

South of the main Dwarven lands is the Holy city of Grangard, ringed around three sides by the mountains. The city is completely off limits to non-Dwarven citizens without permission from the ruling family. Land and sea defenses of the city are unparalleled and any unauthorized attempt to enter typically doesn’t end well for the trespasser. It is known however as the greatest source for Astral Diamonds in Terra and the only smiths authorized to produce Godplate are located there.

First of the southern Elven land masses. It is split into 3 territories, controlled by the three most prominent Elven clans.
Kiltia, the closest Elven land to humans and the most accessible of the three. A vast metropolis built into the trees of the M’haura forest. Ruled by The Council of Three, this land is highly prosperous and a great source of goods, knowledge, and training.
Valendia, once a small village east of Kiltia, has evolved into a grand city, and powerful warrior tribe due to the rise of one of the most noble and powerful military forces in Terra, the Valendia Knights of Peace, or VKP. They are known as a justly group, and brutally efficient in their tactics. Their code is unbreakable, and once tasked, will do anything in order to complete it. All children born into the clan are taught two skills from birth, the trade of the father, and war, which they are allowed to choose when they reach adulthood. They can be brought to bear if a cause is just by other Kingdoms and races, but are not a simple mercenary group to be bought and sold.

Li’Telor is the deepest set city in Arcadia, built in to the southern hill of the Snowfly forest. As its location is the most remote, it is the least visited, but not an unwelcoming place. The people of Li’Telor have set themselves apart by mastering the natural arts, as well as being unrivalled archers. They are also known as the keepers of The Rune, a mysterious magical artifact and a focal point of the Battle of Ordalia many years ago.

Lea’ Monde
Second South, the lower southern continent, and Eladrin capitol city. Little is known to the outside world of this place, except that whatever leading class of the land keeps a friendly if distant ear to the goings on the other lands of Terra.

Rumors of the Rhinoa, a great Eladrin place of knowledge and magic have been circulated for centuries, but no one can truly confirm or deny its existence.
Most Eladrin wandering Terra today are born outside the land to Eladrin parents who have left the world in search of something. It is a rarity to hear of one who left speaking of the homeland to outsiders.

Chain of broken islands southwest of Jurai, and home to various races of Goblin, Orc, Giant, and other creatures.
After the Battle of Ordalia, the attacking peoples of Caladan were driven back to their homes by the Elves with the help of the Eladrin and have been held in exile by them ever since. Over time, the races have ceased their open hostility and brokered uneasy treaties with Jurai and Arcadia. Very few small tribes are known to still embark on raids and attack friendly lands, and are seemingly unrelated to their races as a whole.
Open travel there is discouraged but not illegal by any law, and the native races are highly xenophobic and they usually only do business with licensed traders and couriers.

Austrand Governor: Fabien Reynard

Mysts of Terra

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